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A website may have several pages. Analyzing the meta/heading tags, content length, page speed, links, etc on each page on a website manually is a waste of time. Also, it is a frustrating task.

Website Crawler is a cloud based On page SEO tool that saves your time. Once WC crawls your website, you can quickly find out the pages that are having On Page SEO issues.

How to use Website Crawler?

To use WebsiteCrawler, enter the domain name and the number of URLs you want WC to analyze. Then, click on the submit button. If the domain/url you have entered does not redirect or is not blocked in the country where websitecrawler.org is hosted, or the site is not protected by ant-bot tools, or doesn't generate links, HTML tags or adds attributes to the URLs through JavaScript, Website Crawler will begin crawling your site. Also, you'll see a new button with the label "Status" at the right side of the "Submit" button.

When you click the "Status" button, you'll see the crawl progress and and the list of URLs that have been crawled.

Note: The status button will be displayed when the domain name and the crawl limit is valid. The user should click this button every 10 to 20 seconds. WebsiteCrawler.org doesn't follow/crawls redirected URLs in the pages to make users aware of the redirect.

Once Website Crawler finishes crawling your site, it will display a form that asks you to enter the email address. Enter your email ID and then click the submit button. Website Crawler will now send a three digit verification code to your inbox. Enter this number in the new text box displayed in the form and hit the "Verify" button.

Website Crawler will now attempt to create an account for you. Once our account is ready, you'll see a message to log in to your account. Log in to see the On Page SEO reports.

Refund Policy

Users who want their money refunded should write to us within 48 hours of buying the Website Crawler Silver Plan . Don't ask for a refund if you have been using our product for more than 48 hours.


We provide email support to the users of the basic/free and silver plan on weekdays and weekends. To get support or if you've some questions, don't hesitate to write to us. Our email address is: help@websitecrawler.org

About the founder

Website Crawler has been built by Pramod Choudhary. Pramod is web application developer (Full Stack) and a blogger. He has been building applications since 2010.

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