Website Crawler

Discover on page SEO issues

Website Crawler is a cloud based SEO tool that you can use to analyze up to 100 pages of a website for free. You can run the crawler as many times as you want. Website Crawler supports Android, Windows, IOS, and Linux devices.


Broken Links: Website Crawler makes you aware of unreachable internal and external links on your site.

Page speed: Website crawler displays the loading time of the pages on your site. As you can filter the list of pages by their loading time, you can find pages that are slow and fast with this tool.

Duplicate title, meta tags: Multiple title, meta description tabs can confuse search bots. WIth Website Crawler,you can easily find the pages of websites that are having multiple title, meta tags.

Missing Alt Tags: Search bots index images displayed on the website pages and displays them in their image search tools. If the picure don't have alt tags, they won't rank for search keywords. Website Crawler has a missing alt tag reports which can use to find images lacking alt tag.

Canonical Link issues: One of the major reasons why sites suffer from algorithm penalties is improper canonical links. Website Crawler finds invalid canonical links on the pages your site and displays it.

Pages with/without heading tags: Want to know which pages on your site lack heading tabs h1 to h5? Want to find the pages on your site that have small headings or headings containing specificy word? With Website Crawler, it is easy to analyze the h1 to h5 html tags used on the pages of websites.

Number of internal/external links: Website Crawler displays the number of internal and external links that pages on a website have. You can filter the list by the URL count.

Thin pages: Ranking of websites can tank after an algorithm update if it has a lot of pages with thin content. Finding thin content on a website is a breeze with our Website Crawler tool.

Who should use Website Crawler?

This tool has been designed and built for:

  • Websites that use WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, or any other content management systems
  • Sites that have been built from scratch.
  • Websites that have been built with website builder tool such as wix, weebly, etc.
If you own a website that uses a CMS, use this application as it can help you get rid of plugins and reduce load on your server. If you have built the site using a site builder tool or by yourself, you can discover on page SEO issues with this tool.