Analyze Log Files online

Logfile generated by web-servers such as Nginx, Apache, etc contains information that the widely used Analytics tools i.e. Google Analytics won’t display. For example, Google Analytics won’t display the IP address of the bot or the user. Log files contain a timestamp, HTTP protocol, request type, URL, status code, IP address, etc. Analyzing the log… Continue reading Analyze Log Files online

Nofollow Links Checker

“rel” is one of the attributes supported by hyperlinks. Before Google introduced the “sponsored” value for the “rel” attribute this month,  nofollow and dofollow were the commonly used values.  Links using the rel=”nofollow”/”dofollow” attributes are widely known as nofollow or dofollow URLs. DF links pass page rank to linked documents. Searchbots follow these URLs. NF… Continue reading Nofollow Links Checker

How to find low quality content on a website for free?

Thin content is one of the major reasons why websites suffer from Google Panda algorithm penalty. For those who are not aware, Google’s Panda algorithm has been designed to lower the rankings of websites that have On-Page SEO issues. Thin content is one of several On-Page search engine optimization issues. The Panda algorithm is now… Continue reading How to find low quality content on a website for free?